Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

About US

Our directors and senior management team, with over 30 years’ experience in managing security businesses, was well qualified, from GB’s inception, to identify the genuine need, within the Melbourne public and private sectors, for a dedicated and professional B2B protective security personnel service, which prioritised customised strategies and solutions. They have worked tirelessly to witness the successful realisation of their vision for a more technologically, people-driven loss deterrence and detection deliverable.

In these times of global uncertainties, GB Security offers the experienced wisdom and a mature fresh approach, both capable of injecting dynamic and innovative ideas into a ‘traditional’ security industry operating within an unprecedented period of health and financial concerns. Accordingly, GB Security is uniquely placed to deliver customised services in a ‘new normal’ environment.

Our Distinction

GB Security values your business. This, therefore, elicits our principle desire to develop a comprehensive security plan and package, in conjunction with you and your team, to ensure the physical and people assets of your business are protected to the best of our joint ability.

Like you, we believe our people are priceless. Property is replaceable, but the potential disruption of your continuity of operations may be immeasurable, if not business fatal.

As an Australian owned, managed and staffed security personnel organisation, we can ensure that our financial returns are all generated and maintained in our country, including our payment of all taxation obligations. We also offer, therefore, the knowledge, culture, and skills to provide the services most effectively within the Australian environment.

Who protects the protector?

As a highly reputable and experienced security provider and ASIC registered company, GB Security is prudently covered for its own business activities, including $20 million for Public Liability Insurance and WorkCover Insurance, in accordance with The Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 (WIRC Act).

Licenses & Memberships

GB Security holds affiliations and memberships with key industry bodies including: