Mobile Patrol Services & Alarm Responses

GB Security is experienced and fully equipped to provide mobile patrol and alarm responses to protect your business, premises or site from theft, vandalism, damage, trespass and safety concerns. Mobile patrolling is an effective deterrent measure when an on-site guard is not warranted, as determined by a risk and threat assessment or as a result of budgetary constraints. Nonetheless, random patrols have been successfully utilised to deter potential intruders. Rapid alarm response is critical in ensuring that an externally/centrally monitored alarm system can mobilise security personnel attendance. As always, technology is most effective when complemented with human intervention to address a criminal incident.

Our network of mobile patrol services throughout Victoria include:


  • Inspecting property at random intervals
  • Internal & external premises checks
  • Opening & closing services for a client’s premises or commercial property
  • Responding to after-hours’ alarm responses
  • Manually monitoring temperature or other energy level controls
  • Providing assistance to on-site security personnel

You can count on our rapid response team.

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