Retail Loss Prevention

GB Security personnel are experienced at protecting retail businesses and shopping plazas, both big and small. Our security and loss prevention services increase safety levels for staff and the shopping public, while reducing shoplifting opportunities, theft, vandalism and criminal damage. In store theft and shoplifting are serious issues that not only affect a retail establishment’s bottom line, but may eventually result in a warehouse or retail outlet going out of business, if the issue isn’t addressed and professionally managed. We will ensure your staff are fully aware of the part they too can play in minimising losses. We will undertake full investigations and reporting of incidents, completed expeditiously, to seek to avoid recurrences. GB Security maintains a professional working relationship with the Police Force to ensure all criminal activities are appropriately actioned.


Our loss prevention services can entail:

  • In-store security officers
  • Shopping centre security guards
  • CCTV monitoring controllers
  • Incident Investigation & reporting
  • Secret shoppers
  • Security & staff loss prevention training
  • Risk assessments

GB Security aims to increase your profitability through stock loss mitigation.

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