Security & Facilities Guarding

GB Security guarding personnel are trained in providing our clients with a range of on-site skills, including:

  • Roving perimeter and internal inspections;
  • Monitoring and controlling of on-site equipment, including CCTV, alarm activations, temperature and energy level controls, computer room diagnostics;
  • Incident reporting via computerised reports, real time, as necessary;
  • Search and screening services for various locations, including airports, seaports, courts;
  • Basic firefighting expertise and emergency management skills;
  • Basic first aid to paramedic levels, as site required;
  • On-site/ off-site covert surveillance, where legally permitted;
  • Car park management for industrial sites and local government councils;
  • Traffic management and wheel-clamping services;
  • VIP protection services for key executives and visiting dignitaries;
  • development, in conjunction with our clients, of risk and threat management assessments, including business continuation planning.

We offer you the professional security guarding operatives that your business deserves.

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