Security Risk Management

The security risk management process involves identifying, assessing and controlling threats with a view toward mitigating their potential impact upon a client’s property, people and profits. These risks could emerge from a diverse range of sources, including physical theft, cyber hacking, personal threats, hazardous materials, legal liabilities, accidents, and natural disasters

All businesses and organisations face the risk of unexpected, harmful events that can cost the company money or cause it to permanently close. Risk management allows organisations to prepare for the unexpected by minimising risks and extra costs before they happen.

Why plan for the uncertain?

By conducting a security assessment and developing a risk management plan, which endeavours to consider these areas of uncertainty before they occur, a client can save money and protect its future.  A well-developed risk management strategy and plan will help a company establish procedures to avoid potential threats and minimise their impact should they occur. This ability to understand and control risk enables our client to be more confident in their business decisions.

GB helps you to expect the unexpected.

  • Creates a safe and secure work environment for all staff and customers;
  • Increases the stability of business operations;
  • Provides protection from events that are detrimental to the company, its customers, and staff;
  • Helps control the company's insurance needs, in order to save on unnecessary premiums.

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