Specialist Security Services

From time to time, our clients require specialist or value-added services, so GB Security also offers:


Undercover surveillance for employee/customer theft and other malicious intent, including, as required, background and investigation checks

  • VIP protection

GB is adept at providing experienced and highly trained security personnel to undertake the critically sensitive role of performing high profile and important personal protection services.   These specialised services often entail visiting international dignitaries, celebrities and the like, or senior business executives, particularly in high profile settings, where discrete and professional performances are vital.

  • Firefighting & emergency response services

Certain industries, such as mining/resources, heavy manufacturing, hazardous material production and storage require additional services of fire and emergency responses on-site.  GB offers personnel fully trained in these requirements who can either act as security officers to react in emergencies or dedicated firefighting and rescue personnel on full-time alert status and engaged in on-going inspections and risk assessments.

  • First aid/paramedics

Similarly, some client sites warrant the on-site engagement of more professionally trained and experienced first aid/paramedic personnel, often supported by a fully functioning ambulance equipped vehicle. 


GB has a solution for your specialist requirements.

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